gas fire service

Gas fire service in Standish

Called out by a customer in Standish to service her gas fire…

She thought a bird had fallen down the chimney, if you look closely you can see peanuts on the floor she was concerned that the pigeon would be hungry.

The pigeon was unharmed and released however that was not the end of the story a week later I had another call, yes the pigeon was back! Presumably to finish off the peanuts. A cowl has now been fitted to the chimney so no more visits from pigeons.

A gas fire service from fixitplumbers involves the removal of the gas fire so that the catchment area behind the fire can be cleaned out, whether that is soot or pigeons…

If you live in Standish, Wigan, Leyland, Chorley or Preston or within 15 miles of PR7 2RQ give me a ring a service is just £49.00 discounts available if you want more than one gas appliance serviced at the same time.


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