Boiler Installers Preston

boiler installers Preston

Fix It Plumbers, Boiler Installers Preston have years of experience in the safe and cost effective installation of all types of domestic and commercial gas boiler systems.

We have an enviable reputation throughout Preston and the local area for delivering a friendly and courteous service in a neat and tidy manner, focusing on energy conservation.

Boiler installers Preston – What are the benefits?

A modern condensing boiler can bring many benefits to the home owner.  Firstly, a modern boiler unit is much more efficient than boilers from say 10 years ago or more.  They make use of would be waste fumes to reduce waste and increase output.

With fuel prices being at an all time high, a new boiler installation Preston may well be the best investment you make this year.

Worcester Bosch Boiler installers Preston

Fix It Plumbers Boiler installers Preston are a family firm which really do put our customers first.  We can offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty with new Worcester Bosch boiler installations which gives a great deal of peace of mind to home owners.

For other boiler problems we can offer a service with no call out charge, and even a no fix – no fee solution if required.  We’re a small company that relies on recommendation from happy customers, so our customers can rest assured that their home and boiler is in good hands.

Plumbers Chorley

The ideal plumbing service

Home owners in Chorley can usually get a few of the simple repair jobs that come up a shot. Repairs and maintenance can thus be managed. However there are a aspects of household repair which may seem small, but which are important – like plumbing and electricals. This is where you will need the attention of a professional. While changing the gasket on your washing machine outlet or fixing a leak in the kitchen sink may be simple enough to handle, block drainpipes can be a whole new ball game.

Among professional plumbers you have those who work in large commercial set ups and those well versed with smaller plumbing networks like that of homes. If you are looking for someone for your home, it would be best to get the plumber who handled the entire system when the house was being constructed. Plumbing Chorley based professionals however can easily be found through recommendations or testimonials. Here is how you can narrow down on one in your area.

Begin with a list of recommendations from people around you. If you are not sure of getting good information that way, you can always head to the Internet. Look for plumbers who function in your city on the local pages. The closer they are based to you the better. Asking the local best services organizations for recommendations too would be a good way to start. Narrow down on a handful of them and call them in for a personal interview.

Evaluate the way the company and its representatives handle themselves in an interview. Right from answering the phone when you first call to how your queries are handled. Certain requirements are needed – like having a round-the-clock back up team to handle emergencies at odd hours and on holidays. The plumbers should also work with quality products and should be able to work within a fixed deadline and at an acceptable price.

Ideally ask for at least three references that they have recently worked with. Make it a point to speak to one of them at least randomly and ask them about the quality of work. Post work care is also important and if any minor issues have cropped up after the job was done. Speaking to the references helps you prepare for all kinds of situations and even helps you anticipate what may be needed.  This way you will be well prepared no matter what the plumbing situation you are facing.

One Pipe Heating System

If you are looking to upgrade your old boiler for a new energy efficient boiler but have a one pipe heating system* please be aware that the energy efficiency of a one pipe system is only 70%


This means that your new 90% efficient boiler will be limited to the efficiency of the system it’s connected too, in this case 70%. Basically your gas bill will not go down.

If you need a new boiler and you are unlucky enough to have a one pipe system you need to budget for new pipe work, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, if you are getting conflicting information from an installer ring the boiler manufacturer for some advice.

Other factors that affect efficiency

Sludged up radiators reduce efficiency by up to 15%, consider chemical inhibitors and a magnetic filter, this can be done at any time not just to a new system

Not having a jacket on your hot water cylinder uses 75% more energy

If your boiler controls are more than 12 years old, consider changing them

Fitting a room thermostat where one wasn’t fitted before can save £45 a year on an average gas bill

Fitting a hot water cylinder thermostat where one wasn’t fitted before can save £30 a year on an average bill.

Turning down a room thermostat by 1 degree can save more than £50 a year

Fitting loft insulation could save you up to £180 a year or £25 a year if you top up your existing insulation.

Don’t just swap your boiler without checking the system and controls connected to it, if you do you may find your gas bills are just as high

When should I change my boiler?

I often get asked “when should I change my boiler?“, or “how long do boilers last these days”.

Given enough spare parts and money any boiler will last forever but deciding if yours has reached the point where it is becoming unreliable or expensive to maintain is a hard one to make.

Old boilers may have few moving parts and very little in the way of complicated electronics, if you have an old boiler you may have had to replace the pump or a thermocouple but not much else, modern boilers are much more complicated with many sensitive and expensive parts.

I’m not a fan of changing a perfectly good working boiler no matter how old it is for a new boiler but in some cases it can make sense.

If you have an old floor standing boiler or a back boiler and a maintenance contract a new gas boiler you could save ££ per year. So provided you can keep the cost of the installation down and get a good boiler that lasts, you could save money.

Some websites quote new boilers from £17 a month this is based on a 30% improvement in fuel effiency, and assumes you have a maintenance contract that you will cancel as your new boiler is guaranteed.

Your boiler may not be the gas guzzler you think it is .For information on your current boilers efficiency go to the database for boiler efficiency you can look at your boiler and compare it to a new boiler to see if it will be cost effective to replace it.

Another thing to think about is, how big is your current boiler 11kw? 15kw? Changing it for 39KW combi boiler is unlikely to result in a fuel saving as you have not changed like for like.

Also ask yourself where does the boiler manufacturer make its profit, is it on the sale of boilers? Or on spare parts? That bargain cheap boiler may prove costly to repair. Check out to get impartial advice.

In Summary You MAY save money, but changing your boiler is a long term investment, your savings may not add up to the cost of the installation, you need to do some careful homework before deciding.

When you do decide to change your boiler make sure you don’t forget to upgrade any controls at the same time, as a minimum you should have thermostatic radiator valves on all but one radiator and a room thermostat, in my experience the more you spend here the quicker you get a return on your investment.


Although the last two years we have not had so severe winters we all remember the problem with new condensing boilers breaking down because the condensate pipe had frozen solid.

If you have a condensing boiler where the condensate pipe goes through the wall to a nearby drain there are products on the market that can help.

  1. Boiler buoy is a manual bypass that fits into the internal section of the condensate pipe allowing you to drain off the water into a suitable container. Although this doesn’t stop your condensate pipe freezing and your boiler breaking down you can get it working very easily by opening the tap
  2. Worcester bosch “Condencesure”  an  aftermarket device that can be fitted to most boilers, it clips onto the central heating flow pipe and collects all the condensate and  heats it and releases it all in one go. I use one of these myself and have not had any problems since.
  3. Trace heaters get wired onto the same power supply as the boiler and get tapped to the external pipe a thermostat automatically kicks in when the temperature gets below 5 degrees, very cheap to run.
  4. Change the pipe work, if your  condensate pipe runs through the wall in 21.5mm plastic pipe change it so that it runs through the wall in 1.5” pipe, then run the 1.5” pipe down to the drain. It will take a lot to freeze insulated  1.5” pipe so unless we get weeks of -0 you should be ok.

The boiler buoy and the condencsure are both quite cheap-£25* and easy to fit, the trace heater starts at £50* and increases depending on how many metres you need.

*plus fitting


Top Tip: if you find one of your radiators does not get hot it’s probably a stuck TRV. very easy to sort out just remove the TRV head (no need to drain down or turn off the water) and gently tap the centre pin with a hammer, this should free it up. If you want more advice send me your email address and I’ll send a video .

top tip if you have a blocked toilet, try pouring a bucket full of water quickly into the toilet bowl from a height of 1 mtr. Normally does the trick

top tip: If you find your stop cock drips after you have turned it off, don’t worry its easily fixed all you need is a small spanner and some ptfe tape. Turn of the stopcock and undo the nut at the base of the handle, role some ptfe tape between your fingers to turn it into string then wind some loosely around the base of the handle. Refit and tighten the nut and turn on your water.

Water escaping can cause a lot of damage in a very short time; here are a few tips to keep you out of trouble

  • Get leaks fixed as soon as you spot them, check under basins and sinks regularly
  • An outside tap that’s  dripping can cause damp, a cheap tap washer fixes this easily
  • Regularly check your washing machine and dishwasher pipes for leaks,
  • Bath and shower wastes can come loose over time, if you can move the top visible bit in your bath or shower even a little then water is getting through.
  • Turn off your stop cock if you are going away. This should help ensure damage is kept to a minimum if you have a  leaking or burst pipe
  • Don’t turn off your heating if you are going away in winter, or make the mistake of only having it on for a few hours in the morning and evening. This won’t prevent your pipes freezing if the temperature falls  way below zero while you’re away. Its better and cheaper to leave your heating on 24/7 at 15 degrees
  • Insulate your pipes and water storage tank. Pay close attention to joints and bends, and put the insulation foam on top of pipes rather than underneath them
  • Turn off any indoor valves on pipes leading to outside taps. Then, open the outside tap and leave it open to let any water drain out to ensure there’s no water in the pipes to freeze
  • Repair any dripping taps. If they freeze, they’ll block your pipes
  • Regularly check all the taps in your home during the winter months. If little or no water flows, there may be frozen water in the pipes
  • If your pipes do freeze, turn the water off at the mains and thaw them out slowly with hot water bottles. Never use a heat gun or blow torch to do this

Most of the small leaks that cause all the trouble can be fixed for under £50, if you have the tools and the skills you should have no trouble sorting these out yourself, if you are less confident give me a call

Reducing the cost of a boiler repair what you can do to help

I know its obvious but check the basics first, you would be amazed at how many boilers don’t work because someone has turned off the power at the fused spur!

I had one this week where the boiler is in the garage, they had just replaced the TV and the old one was in the garage leaning right on the power switch!

Are the lights on, is there power, is the 3 amp fuse good.

If it’s a pressurised boiler is the water pressure between 1 and 2.5bar

Is the room thermostat calling for heat

Do you have gas, check at the cooker or gas fire

Listen to the boiler you normally hear the pump come on first followed by the fan, then the sparking and finally the whoosh as it ignites, What can you hear?

Before ringing for an engineer find out the make and model of the boiler , some boilers help with fault diagnosis by displaying fault codes either as numbers on a LCD display or flashing lights.

On a Baxi it may come up as E133 this would first show the E1 then the 33 (this would be a gas fault or frozen /blocked condensate pipe)

Or E119 Low water pressure

Some Worcesters have a flash code ie, the blue light is normaly on slowly flashing off

If you can give me as much info as possible before I attend it could change a 2 visit repair £94 + parts into a 1 visit repair £59 + parts

GledHill Electramate boilers

Gledhill Electramate boilers are commonly fitted into apartments or home that are not connected to the gas network, they rely on economy 7 or 10 overnight cheaper electricity to heat up  a “Thermal Store” to 80 degrees, this Heat bank is then used indirectly via heat exchangers  to supply central heating as well as hot water.

These are unreliable and expensive to repair, if yours is still working I recommend getting a gledhill extended warranty, if you want Gledhill to come out expect to get little change from £450

Common Problems:

  1. Heating element  faulty

The boiler has two heater elements in a copper bottle, first one goes but you don’t notice as you still have heating and hot water then the other one blows and you have not heating or hot water.

  1. Relay faulty

The boiler itself is protected from overheating but the relay wiring can get very hot damaging the relays. The relays can also fail “ON” causing the heater element to burn out.

  1. Thermister faulty

The boiler has two one for the boiler and one to detect the hot tap being turned on, these can get out of calibration with age. Normally causes unpredictable hot water

  1. Circuit board faulty

Can be caused by water ingress into one of the three pumps, if any of the pumps has a resistance of less than 160 ohms the pump will need to be replaced as well as the board.

  1. Tripped heater overheat protection

Easily fixed but the cause needs investigating normally caused by a sticking boiler pump (lowest of the three) or the right hand relay sticking on. Best bet is to replace all three.

  1. Tripped thermal store overheat protection

Normally caused by the stat going out of calibration,  You can check this by setting the unit to summer mode if the Stat is faulty it will trip out less.  If it’s not this then the board is faulty.

  1. Leaking pump isolator valves

Normally these don’t leak until you turn them off and back on again, the leak generally sorts itself out as microscopic particles in the water block up the holes. A full drain down is needed if they have to be replaced.



Approximate parts cost

Heater element £130

Overheat stat £20

Pump £147

Board £250

Sensors £25

Pair of relays £99